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Beautiful, functional children's clothing in superfine merino wooland considered fibres. Keeping kids keeping on is our raison d'être.


  • Where is your merino from? The merino wool found in any luvmother™ children’s garment is sourced from certified non-mulesed or ceased mulesed sheep farms in Australia and New Zealand... Read more
  • What do you mean by natural fabric? Natural fabrics are made up of fibers produced by plants, animals and geological processes.
  • What does mueseled mean? Mulesing is the practice of removing strips of skin around the breech of a sheep, yikes! Trust us don't google images on mulesing, it is as awful as it sounds. Its a cruel and painful practice that modern farming has rendered unnecessary and that goes against the spirit of luvmother... Read more
  • Is merino wool really a natural SPF? Merino wool has a natural UV protection factor of 30+ in more than 70% of cases, much higher than most synthetics and cotton.
  • Is it itchy, like grammas wool? No way! Compared to traditional wool, merino wool is a smoother and finer fibre and is the perfect fabric for active clothing. The silky finish of our superfine merino wool is unlike traditional coarse wools and ensures an 'itch-free' experience, even on sensitive skin.
  • How do we care for luvmother merino wool? No hand washing needed here! Simply machine wash cold with a mild detergent and either tumble-dry low or air dry. We choose to air dry as much as possible, better for the lifespan of any piece of clothing and for the environment.
  • Where are the clothes made and why? All of the pieces of our merino wool collection are made in either Canada or Portugal. As a brand we decided from the get-go that if we were going be making clothing that we were going to do our best to do it right. For us that means quality control at each step of the way, sourcing equitably produced materials and having a visible presence in the manufacturing process. We're constantly learning and have received a lot of guidance from other inspiring brands in how to build a solid foundation as a clothing manufacturer and how to minimize compromise.
  • What does ‘hand-me-down quality’ mean? We believe clothes should stand the test of time, because something worth doing is worth doing well. Our merino wool apparel is made using the highest quality materials with sustainability in mind. Our goal is for each piece to be versatile and durable enough to carry on into the hand-me-down cycle of your family’s and friends wardrobes.
  • Why the XX embroidery on the back of each garment? The XX embroidery represents our last sign off with each piece once its been through all of the manufacturers quality checks... our final stamp of approval if you will.
  • How do your sizes run? What is the fit like? We have worked hard to make sure that our sizes run true to size. Check our size charts for specifics... Read more
  • Where are you located and can we visit the studio? Absolutely, we luv having people come by the studio. We are located in the St-Henri neighbourhood of Montreal, Quebec, Canada. If you are in the area and would like to pop in or have an order that you would like to pick-up, just drop us a line at orders@luvmother.com and we can set up a convenient time.
  • Where do you ship to? We ship worldwide. Check out our Shipping & Returns section to learn more about rates etc... Read more
  • What is your return policy? If for any reason you need to return your order, we offer online credit on any unused items within 30 days of purchase. Simply send an e-mail to orders@luvmother.com with your name and order number, along with the reason for the return... Read more