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Beautiful, functional children's clothing in superfine merino wooland considered fibres. Keeping kids keeping on is our raison d'être.

We create beautiful, functional children's clothing in superfine merino wool and complimentary considered fibres.


To make something “well” is a decision and there really are no short cuts. We value people and craftsmanship and design clothes that not only fit as they should but are also made from premium, traceable materials, feel good next to skin and have a built in hand-me-down quality.

Our collections are defined by casual silhouettes, clean lines, smart closures, easy care and a whimsy that goes hand in hand with adventure.

Whether they be in the city or up in the mountains, in the schoolyard or by the sea, kids just want to keep on keeping on and we want to help get them there. No muss, no fuss and very matter of fact.