Why Merino? September 13 2017

Why Merino?

A fabric that keeps you nice and warm yet is soo cool! For our first collection luvmother™is using soft, natural and highly functional merino wool imported from New Zealand and Australia. Compared to traditional wool, merino is a smoother and finer fiber and is the perfect fabric for active clothing. It’s hygroscopic (bless you!) and can tell when you are hot and when you are cold, basically managing your microclimate whether you knew you had one or not. The silky finish in merino is unlike traditional coarse wools and ensures an 'itch-free' experience, even on sensitive skin.

  • Natural and renewable
  • Absorbs and releases moisture
  • Keeps you warm when it's cool and cool when it's warm 
  • Naturally repels odour so doesn't need to be washed as often
  • Contains a natural SPF
  • Is awesome

 Its the smarty pants of the fiber world, thank merino sheep and thank you Mother Nature!