The Zerowaste Project February 23 2018

The Zerowaste Collaboration.

We've all been there, an idea starts with a meeting of the minds. There's talk, excitement, a spark and a potential but time passes and these great 'what ifs' often never leave the drawing board. This one had too much potential to be ignored.

The Zerowaste Collaboration, came about after connecting with old friend and talented textile designer Katherine Yaphe who manufactures beautiful one-of-a-kind rugs and pillows, all made by hand ( ). Driven by a love of color and texture, Katherine designs her goods for the long haul — which is in sync with Luvmother’s mission to produce durable, boutique quality clothing that can be passed along and handed down.

The apparel and textile industries produce a lot of waste. No mater how careful you are there are always remnants and we wanted to see if there wasn't something that we could do about ours. Katherine did a lot of the heavy lifting, establishing the designs and lining up artisans in Brooklyn, NY that could work with the materials. We delivered her our initial batch of scraps early last October and the first finished, awesome hand crafted pieces were ready by late Fall.

Sustainability and durability have always been at the heart of our mission. We use natural fabrics, fair trade labor, environmentally friendly hangtags and packaging. We offset our carbon footprint from shipments and deliver products in biodegradable bags.

We are small and in the end so are these initiatives but every bit counts and positivity begets positivity. The hope is that we can get other brands and artisans to contribute and engage in order to push the initiative and our way of doing things to a bigger, better future.

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*Excerpts for this post were taken from Aaron Bible's piece on **Principle photography by Kirsten Francis