The details in Blue. September 13 2017

The details in Blue.

This time of year we are highlighting the Atlantic, Pacific & Night Blue pieces from the collection as being school ready, straight forward and an easy choice as you try to get everyone out the door for the day. The same goodness found in our 'Blues' can also be found in the rest of the colour palette its just that somewhere along the way it was decided that blue and school went together, go figure?

We spend a lot of time in development, in choosing fabrics and trims and by making an adjustment here, a refinement there in order to have every garment be just so. Our goal is to adhere to a 'less is more' approach and to release pieces that can both stand alone and work together as a system.

The clothes not only have to be extremely well made but need to fit properly, look good and most importantly, be stuff that your kids actually want to wear.

Now, we're talking about clothing and not saving lives… we get it. But when we do our job well and make pieces that have a hand-me-down quality then we can give you better value, reduce our environmental impact and contribute to positive change. As for the kids, they needn't worry and can just carry on doing what they do best, being kids :)