Summer Studio Sale. September 13 2017

Summer Studio Sale.

Studio sales are the best! We get to take a break from the day to day and invite our friends and their kids in for a little hang time. Not to mention, put out the sample rack and offer some great deals on the collection.

This timewe we’re lucky to have Gabriella from Tuta & Coco here to run a little colouring workshop. Tuta & Coco have great ideas for you to preserve and share your kids art, find out more on their site Michelle Little also joined us and took the beautiful photos you see in this post. More of her work can be found at

The dust settled by about 8pm when the last of the tired bodies were whisked home and tucked in for the night. With the school break just around the corner and the new merino additions to their clothing roster all are now ready for the summer adventures to begin… Enjoy!

PS - keep an eye out for our NEW organic cotton tee capsule coming out the second week of June