Go Organic! May 30 2018

Go Organic!

Did you know that cotton is the most produced, and used fabric on the planet today? So whats the difference between Cotton and Organic Cotton? Well... Non-organic cotton is the world’s most sprayed crop. In the US alone last year, farmers applied 53 million pounds of toxic pesticides to cotton fields. Out of the world’s total insecticide usage, 25% is used just to farm cotton. This isn’t good for the farmer’s health, our health, our waterways and ultimately, our planet.

How does that translate to the shirt on your back? The average normal cotton T-shirt contains only 73% actual cotton. The rest is made up of the chemicals and resins that were used to grow and make it. Most think cotton is one of the most natural things around but the truth is, it’s not as nice as we’d all like to think.

Organic cotton, on the other hand is every bit as soft and breathable as traditional cotton. It is grown in soil free of chemicals and pesticides making it better for each link in the supply chain, for you and for good 'ol Mother Earth.



Our GOTS certified organic cotton and tri-blend tees are soft, sustainable and made to keep up with your adventurous kids.

There are no perfect solutions and each of us have choices to make + realities to consider. Here at luvmother, our wardrobes and those of our families certainly aren't exclusively organic but we do believe in smart choices and informed decisions. When given the opportunity, we opt for quality over quantity and accept that our children will inherit the world as we make it so we best be paying attention :)