Le Lookbook: behind the luv September 13 2017

Backstage at the shoot.

Ok, so maybe there wasn't exactly a stage... there was however a photoshoot and a really fun day on record. One fine morning this summer we headed out across the Island of Montréal with the talented crew from Carrousel Productions to let our kids run amok and snap a few photos. There's noting better than discovering new places, especially right in your own backyard and l'Île-de-la-Visitation was such a great find.

It was a beautiful, almost magical day as the gang assembled, romped around and put our clothes to the test. Once the kids got settled (which took all of 2 minutes) they hardly seemed to notice we were there. Thanks in part to the awesome location + the fact that the merino performed as expected and kept everyone super comfortable.

We made some new friends, captured some great images and got to share the luv. Check out the finished lookbook and our little behind the scenes video near the end of the book for more on the 'making of'.