... September 13 2017


Its an important question and one we at luvmother™ are happy to be able to answer. As a brand we decided from the get-go that if we were going be making clothing that we were going to do our best to do it right. For us that means quality control at each step of the way, sourcing equitably produced materials and having a visible presence in the manufacturing process. We're constantly learning and have received a lot of guidance from other inspiring brands in how to build a solid foundation as a clothing manufacturer and how to minimize compromise.

"On 24 April 2013, 1133 people died in the Rana Plaza catastrophe in Dhaka, Bangladesh. A further 2500 were injured. They were killed while working for familiar fashion brands in one of the many ‘accidents’ that plague the garment industry. In response Fashionrevolution.org was created as a movement to bring everyone in the fashion value chain together to raise awareness of the true cost of fashion, show the world that change is possible, and celebrate all those involved in creating a more sustainable future."

“It takes a lot to make a garment. Not just the bits we hear about – the designers, the brands, the shops, the catwalk shows and the parties – but also the farmers who grow cotton, the ginners, spinners, weavers, dyers, sewers and other factory workers without whom the industry would not exist."

"Knowing who made our clothes requires transparency, and this implies openness, honesty, communication and accountability. It’s about re-connecting broken links and celebrating the relationship between shoppers and the people who make our clothes, shoes, accessories and jewellery – all the things we call fashion"

As we grow as company and start to work with more partners in order to bring our collections to market the onus is on us to not only 'talk the talk' but also 'walk the walk'. Before long we hope to be able to provide a 'step by step' right here on the site of where each piece in our roster and its materials come from. In the meantime we are going to continue to be very selective, pepper our suppliers with questions and try to do the right thing by us and by you. If ever you have any questions about our sourcing practices please drop us a line at info@luvmother.com.

The quoted text above is courtesy of The Fashion Revolution. To read more and see how you might get involved, check out fashionrevolution.org